Consumer Health Informatics Adoption among Underserved Populations: Thinking beyond the Digital Divide

Paper Systematic review of facilitators and barriers to underserved populations’ consumer health technology adoption Obj

Toward Predicting Social Support Needs in Online Health Social Networks

Identified the features critical for predicting social support needs in online health communities. Background: While online he

Increase in Contralateral Prophylactic Mastectomy Conversation Online Unrelated to Decision-Making

The paper investigated whether conversations on online breast cancer community contribute to people choosing an aggressive, hi

FamilyLog: A Mobile System for Monitoring Family Mealtime Activities

This paper presents evaluation of the FamilyLog system with 37 subjects from 8 families. The system automatically detects acti

“How Did We Get Here?”: Topic Drift in Online Health Discussions

Our paper,  ‘“How Did We Get Here?”: Topic Drift in Online Health Discussions’, has been accepted to the Jour

Lessons learned for online health community moderator roles: A mixed methods study of moderators resigning from WebMD communities

Our mixed methods paper on examining what happened when all staff moderators left WebMD online health communities in 2013 has

Personas in Online Health Communities

Our paper on personas in online health communities have been accepted to the Journal of Biomedical Informatics! We will keep y

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