Pervasive Healthcare IRBs and Ethics Reviews in Research: Going Beyond the Paperwork

A reflective piece on how computing / engineering researchers should think about the IRB process. J. Huh-Yoo, R. Kadri and L.

Videoconferencing-Based Telemental Health: Important Questions for the COVID-19 Era from Clinical and Patient-Centered Perspectives

A new opinion article accepted for publication at JMIR Mental Health, COVID-19 theme issue 2020 with Emil Chiauzzi (Tridiuum)

Paper in press at the Journal of Voice

Lisa Kopf and Jina Huh-Yoo. 2020. A User-Centered Design Approach to Developing a Voice Monitoring System for Disorder Prevent

Common Shortcomings in Applying User-Centered Design for Digital Health

We discuss lessons learned on common shortcomings in applying user-centered design for digital health. Published in the July-S

Symposium accepted to Gerontological Society of America

The symposium, as part of GSA 2020, presents four projects on technology use of older adults and caregivers. Abstract. Innovat

EAI Pervasive Health paper on design requirements for conversational agents

We reviewed Amazon Skill user reviews to understand usability and design requirements for designing health-supporting conversa

CSCW 2020 paper on IRB members’ perception of risk towards digital research data

In this paper, we discuss our interview results with Institutional Review Board (IRB) members in the U.S. on their perceptions

A book chapter on ‘Design for improved workflow’

Mustafa, Blaine, Sunyoung, and I wrote a chapter on Design for Improved Workflow as part of Design for Health: Applications of

Paper accepted at JMIR Formative Research

Our interview study of students’ mental wellbeing challenges and brainstorming design solutions has been accepted at JMI

FamilyLog: Monitoring Family Mealtime Activities by Mobile Devices

Paper Presents empirical evaluation of using lightweight signal features from a set of complex activities during the meal (e.g

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