VoiceXML grant funded

https://drexel.edu/cci/stories/jina-huh-yoo-awarded-voicexml-forum-grant-for-research-to-benefit-dementia-caregivers/ Our coll

Pervasive Healthcare IRBs and Ethics Reviews in Research: Going Beyond the Paperwork

A reflective piece on how computing / engineering researchers should think about the IRB process. J. Huh-Yoo, R. Kadri and L.

Videoconferencing-Based Telemental Health: Important Questions for the COVID-19 Era from Clinical and Patient-Centered Perspectives

A new opinion article accepted for publication at JMIR Mental Health, COVID-19 theme issue 2020 with Emil Chiauzzi (Tridiuum)

Paper in press at the Journal of Voice

Lisa Kopf and Jina Huh-Yoo. 2020. A User-Centered Design Approach to Developing a Voice Monitoring System for Disorder Prevent

Honorable Mention Award at EAI Pervasive Health

Jiyoun Shin and my paper, “Designing Everyday Conversational Agents for Managing Health and Wellness: A Study of Alexa S

Evaluating support mechanisms of video-based social media on mental health challenges among college students

We evaluate support types and mechanisms of video-based social media on mental health challenges among college students. Bogeu

Usability assessment of conversational agents on dementia

We assess usability of Google Assistants and Alexa Skills on dementia using the Design Heuristics for Conversational Agents. D

Strategies for engagement in conversational agents

We review existing Alexa Skills to understand strategies of user engagement in conversational agents. Elizabeth Ominski, Corne

Tailorable Autonomous Motivational Interviewing Conversational Agent (TAMICA)

We develop and evaluate usability and feasibility of TAMICA, which integrates motivational interviewing technique to improve p

Evaluation of Open AI GPT-2 as a health chatbot

We explore Open AI GPT-2 as a potential solution to generative chatbot model supporting therapist-patient interaction. Lu Wang

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