Supporting health and happiness through technology

I am an Assistant Professor at Drexel University in the College of Computing and Informatics. My research areas include health informatics, human-centered design, and social computing. I am interested in using emerging everyday technologies to help groups of individuals better manage health together, and how we ensure the technologies we develop with an intention of helping people are risk-sensitive.

I have been PI of NSF and NIH funded projects in improving information quality of online health communities and designing and evaluating acoustic-sensor based awareness system for family health. I serve as Steering Committee for ACM CSCW (2019-), Committee on Human Research at American Psychological Association (2020-2022), Best Paper Nomination Committee for CHI, and program committee for ACM CHI, AMIA, IEEE/ACM CHASE, and EAI Pervasive Health conferences. Here’s my CV (Updated Winter, 2021):

Diva Smriti (PhD student, Drexel) with Rahil Rathod (IS Masters, Drexel) developed and user tested TAMICA, which uses motivational interviewing technique to help parents eat healthier with children.

Rahil Rathod (IS Masters, Drexel) examined how much control developers have over user data during the chatbot development.

Nishtha Gupta (Medical student, Drexel) examined the role of humor, more specifically, laugh instances in therapist-patient conversations. The project provides implications for therapy chatbot design.
Elizabeth Ominsky (Undergraduate, Cornell) reviewed chatbots and conversational agents’ tactics to engage users.

Emily Schramm (Medical student, Drexel) examined how ageism is portrayed on Twitter.

Bogeum Choi (PhD student, UNC-CH) with Heejun Kim (Faculty, U North Texas) used mixed methods to understand how youtube videos support college students’ mental health.
Nadien Zerban (Undergraduate, Drexel) evaluated usability of Alexa skills and Google Assistants that support dementia.

Lu Wang (PhD student, Drexel) evaluated GPT-2 and conversation quality as a mental health therapy chatbot.

Below are H2DesignLab members. From left to right, Lu Wang, Rahil Rathod, and Diva Smriti.

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